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Hiring A Lawyer?

I got this from Matt Homann, a lawyer who describes himself as an idea collector. When you need a lawyer (or think you need one), it would be advisable to read through the list below. After reading it, you might want to think again.
  • If you are seeing a lawyer because your dispute is "not about the money, but is about the principle of the thing", do not be surprised if your lawyer runs away. You will never be satisfied. Also, it is really about the money.

  • You want to buy results, not time. Most lawyers sell time, not results. Make sure both of you understand the difference before your bill arrives. You will certainly understand the difference after.

  • If you want to find a lawyer who sells results, look hard. There are a few of them out there. They are the ones who can still smile because they get to see their children before nine o'clock every night.

  • Make sure your lawyer understands your business. If your lawyer does not understand your business, find out if he is going to learn about it on his time or yours.

  • How messy is a lawyer's desk? When they bill you for thirty minutes of "file review", how much of that time was spent looking for your file?

  • You would not automatically marry the first person you date, so do not automatically hire the first lawyer you see. A great lawyer-client relationship can last a lifetime. Your lawyer can be your advisor, counselor, confidant, and friend. Most lawyers are good people genuinely interested in their clients' best interests. Find one you like, stick with him, and spread the word.
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