Appellant's Brief

Lawyer Speak

Seeing as how my view on lawyer talk has been the subject of dissent lately, and just to prove that legalese isn't all that bad, I prepared some sort of a quiz. Simply pick out the meaning you think is applicable to the "legal" word. Knock yourself out.

"Ultra Vires" (a) an extremely persuasive argument; (b) possessing a reputation that is beyond reproach; (c) beyond one's legal power or authority.

"Curia" (a) a sound legal remedy; (b) a court of law; (c) with inquisitiveness.

"Gravamen" (a) a complaint or grievance; (b) a group of learned individuals; (c) a serious injury.

"Corpus Delicti" (a) a sumptuous dinner; (b) a crime or offense; (c) material evidence.

"Obiter Dictum" (a) to send notice about another's death; (b) a judge's remark; (c) an unending argument.

And the correct answers are c, b, a, c, b. If you can't see the answers, copy and paste them in a word document.

Do tell me how you did.

Pleaded by Appellant on Wednesday, July 05, 2006 @ 5:18 PM with 4 Objections