Appellant's Brief

Voices of Summer

Summer beckons. And all it tells me is that the first quarter of the year is over.

But summer beckons. And twenty years ago, I woke up knowing that the day would be different. Savoring that first delicious morning, reveling in the anticipation that a whole world was waiting for me to explore.

I could be a knight today, swinging my wooden sword at invading hordes. Or I could be an army officer, planning a raid on an enemy camp. Or I could be me. And play tag with my friends, or ride a bike, or watch TV the whole day.

And so summer called out. Infinitely expansive and full of possibilities.

Not today. Summer still beckons. But all it tells me is that you can be eleven only once.

Pleaded by Appellant on Thursday, April 06, 2006 @ 11:42 AM with 5 Objections