Appellant's Brief


Doblin, (n), 1. a grotesque elf; 2. Spiderman's nemesis; 3. a part played by Daddy, usually by lying on the floor pretending to be dead.

Pungkin, (n), a large orange-yellow fruit used for making pies.

Stinging Wheel, (n), 1. a circular object held by the driver of an automobile; 2. a very important part of a car.

Tic-fan, (n), a household appliance that causes a current of air.

Tusod, (n), a depression in the middle of the surface of the abdomen marking the point of the attachment of the umbilicus.

Violent, (adj), 1. bluish purple; 2. Barney's color.

Aloo. I love you. Sometimes said with a hug, sometimes with a kiss. Oftentimes, however, said absentmindedly or in a rush, and only to fulfill a condition for something the speaker wants, e.g., "can-I-play-in-your room-aloo" or "can-I-go-outside-aloo".

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