Appellant's Brief

Just A Pinch

I woke up this morning to find Anton at the foot of my bed. He had insect bites all over his face - two on the forehead and one on his left eyelid. He looked so miserable that a lump of love and sympathy clogged my throat. I stood up to examine his eye. His left eye was swollen as he looked up at me. He motioned to his left index finger and softly said, "Daddy, my finger won't move." He had been bitten there too, and the little digits were swollen.

I of course know that the swelling would subside. An insect bite, a bumped knee, a scratch, or a mild case of the flu, all these are part of growing up. Certainly, an insect bite does not warrant an emotional burst. But looking at Anton's miserable face, I could not help but hug my little boy and whisper that I love him.

I suppose this is how all parents feel when their child is hurt. Every scrape, every scratch, every slip, you feel a pinch inside. You hold your breath. You close your eyes when he finally gets up. You get mad because he never listens. And then you hold him close. And tell him that you love him. And a pinch of a voice inside you adds, "more than life itself."

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