Appellant's Brief

A Love Affair

I was afraid it would come to this.

Three and a half years ago, right about the time my wife delivered our first child, I got involved in an affair.

It was more than just physical attraction. There was chemistry between us. She sensed that I wanted her, and I could feel that she wanted me too. We saw each other several times before I took the leap. It was intentional on my part. I had to know for sure that this was what I wanted.

Three and a half years later, the excitement is gone, the passion dissipated. Although I could still see why I had fallen for her, I find myself thinking of other things when I am with her.

Each touch used to feel like a caress, electrifying yet assuring. I felt out of place each minute I was apart from her. Now, I barely think about her.

Friends who have been in a similar situation say that it is too soon to let her go, that she and I still have good times ahead of us. Others say that I should quit while I am ahead.

I have made my decision, and I think that I should let her go. Feeling as I do now, my eyes straying to fresher and sexier types, I know that I will eventually resent being with her. Besides, she is still young. She could still find someone who will treat her the way she deserves to be treated.

I am thinking of trading her in with a used Porsche, probably a Cayman, or an Audi TT. Depends on the budget.

Whatever I get, I will miss her. We had some wild times together.

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