Appellant's Brief

Christmas Past

There is nothing like Christmas morning to a child.

Christmas morning represents the culmination of a year-long wait, the fulfillment of a wish after twelve months spent watching out, not crying and not pouting. As a kid, I remember waking up with excitement, thrilled at the thought of opening my presents. After the initial exhilaration, I also remember feeling somewhat sullen because, despite my efforts, I again succumbed to sleep and failed to see Santa.

Christmas morning had stopped being Christmassy to me a long time ago. Although I would love to wake up one morning and feel the way I did then, watching my sons as they unwrap their presents more than makes up for my lost innocence. Despite the chilly December wind, hearing their "oohs" and "aahs" and seeing their eyes fill with wonder would feel like the sun in my heart for a thousand more Christmas mornings.

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