Appellant's Brief

You're Being Watched

Wifey and I went to see MI3 last Saturday. About five minutes before they dimmed the lights, Wifey pointed to a couple three rows in front of us and said they looked like my brother and his girlfriend. I couldn't make out the faces, so I sent Brother a text message:

Me : Are you at The Podium [name of the mall]?
Brother: Yup, how'd you know?

An idea struck me when I saw Brother texting me back.

Me : Just a hunch.
Brother: You saw us, didn't you? We're watching MI3. Where are you?

I let a couple of minutes pass. Wifey and I were giggling ourselves to a fit.

Me : Are you sitting in Row D?

A few seconds after I hit "send", Brother and his girlfriend whipped their heads back, scanning the nameless faces, looking for us. Of course, Wifey and I slid down our seats to hide.

I hadn't realized that letting other people know that they're being watched would be so much fun. Our giggling earned us a lot of irritated stares. But it was well worth it.

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